1. theinevitablezombieapocalypse:

    Scooby Doo and Velma: Zombie Hunters

    (Source: axio-matic)

  3. collegehumor:

    Katy Perry just joined Bout and you can too. Download the free game in the iTunes store now and start bouting with us. 

  4. artruby:

    Derek Paul Boyle, Gilded Capsules (2013). 

    hmmm wonder where those pills lead to

  5. thepaintedbench:

    River Dolphins, Amazon River 

  6. llbwwb:

    Just Yawning by *lenslady .

  7. thefrogman:

    Coconot Chanel [tumblr]

  8. escapekit:

    _____ as _____

    London-based designer Christine Kawasaki-Chan’s latest lettering project, where she recreates English food-related idioms using typography and food items. 

  9. scissorsandthread:

    DIY Inspiration

    At Home With Jen Lula | A Beautiful Mess

    While browsing the Beautiful Mess blog, I spotted this amazing wall art in Jen Lula’s home. I’ve featured string & nail wall art before, and it’s such a fun and creative way to add colour and texture to your place without a ton of effort. The nice thing is that it’s always going to be unique depending on the string you use, the size of your letters, etc. I think I might need to go and buy some nails and wool tomorrow!